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Free local shipping for orders above S$130. All crystals are master cleansed right before delivery.
Free local shipping for orders above S$130. All crystals are master cleansed right before delivery.

Gem Lepidolite Bracelet


Click here for our writeup on Lepidolite

In addition to the writeup on Lepidolite, this particular batch of Gem Lepidolite has a fiery transformational energy that is so determined to work on purging toxic and blockages out of the system with you, especially in terms of the emotional and mental bodies. It wants reinforce your determination to detach from what destabilises your call for actions in getting a job done, to improvise certain situation or break up the loose foundation so you can see clearly what to rebuild upon. I am also sensing that it is helpful for those who wants to break free from manipulations and to disassociate your thoughts or actions that you were programmed to follow through, where deep down you are aware "this is not right", but tedious to shake off the habit. These bracelets also have a reddish undertone under strong lighting which resembles very much of "Ribena" colour. Some beads may have stronger/lesser saturation of the reddish undertone.

Dimension(Diameter per bead): Approx. 8.5-10mm as listed in the options
Water safe?: Quick rinse and dry is okay, do not submerge in water

Ordering instructions
Please state actual wrist size in the comment box before carting out. I use the "grey bead bracelet board" to measure every piece to ensure sizing fits you best. By default, they are meant to have some allowance for a comfort fit. If you prefer it more snuggly, do indicate.

**If you are unsure of your wrist size - Take a string to measure around your wrist circumference. Step 2 - Measure the length of the string with a ruler. That's the size. Please ONLY provide your actual wrist size to prevent inaccuracy.

**This series of bracelets are only available for wrist size up to 15.4-16cm. If you really love this but have a wrist measurement of above 16.5cm, kindly contact me and I will check if it is doable. Note that a surcharge of $Xx amount will be applicable depending on the number of beads required for extension.

**Note: You are purchasing one piece of Gem Lepidolite bracelet. As all crystals are unique, there will be variations in colour for every piece. Expect colours of purplish-reddish tonality. Due to the nature of natural stones, there may be nicks and flaws. Please go through all photos and measurements provided before purchase.