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Golden Iron Pyrite Intergrown Cubes IPC05

  • Stone of Stability, Opportunities and Protection
    - Known as "Fool's Gold", it is widely known for manifesting and attracting wealth, good luck and positive vibes (effort must also be present to work hand in hand)
    - Navajun Spanish Pyrites are famous for its perfect cube formation, even higher priced when there are perfect intergrown cubes
    - When I see "intergrown", I sensed its relation to connections and connectivity. Most beneficial for those who find it hard sticking to a course (consistency and persistence), it pushes you to take a down to earth step by step approach in order to build a solid foundation that will lift up your confidence and stability, which in turn allows one to make convincing and sound decisions that not only provides assurance to you, but also your clients and peers.
    - With confidence built up, it also allows one to explore the creative side of you, to think out of the box
    - As an element of metal, it aids one to be optimistic, motivated and energetic
    - Combine Pyrite with Black Tourmaline/Shungite, Desert Rose and Smoky Quartz to create a grounding and protective space to shield against negative energy at all levels
    - Highly recommend to those in the finance/sales/business related field or working in a highly bureaucratic system. Place it at your work space to boost the flow of potential opportunities, abundance and keeping focus
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  • Measurement: Approx. 4 x 3.9 x 2.3cm (Height)
    Weight: Approx. 104g
    Country of origin: Navajún, Spain
    Chakra(s) Representation: Root and Solar Plexus
  • Do not wash with water. Dust to clean only. Keep dry to prevent tarnish/rust

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