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Karma Clear Oral Spray 25ml

  • Set Yourself Free
    - Release emotional traumas, past guilt and sufferings
    - Encourage compassion, forgiveness and healing to your benefit
    - Free yourself from judgement, hatred and heavy weight of dark energy
    - For those who find it hard to let go for unknown reason and seem to find yourself stuck in a toxic pattern, this would be a good addition for you
    - Use this to detach yourself from toxic people and energy
    - All oral sprays does not have any floral taste, only mild alcohol brandy taste due to organic brandy preservative used

    You are purchasing ONE unit of Karma Clear Oral Spray 25ml
  • Product of U.K
    Packaged in a PET bottle as shown
    Concocted with natural and organic flower essences
    Infusion of flowers: Birch, Cherry, Elf Cup Lichen, Holy Thorn, Rowan and Snowdrop
  • Spritz directly into mouth or drinks as frequently as desire
    Contains alcohol
    There are no fixed routine/rules to using flower essences, but we have created an instruction slip as a starter guide for all orders of flower mist and oral sprays