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[Made to order] Joyfulness Bracelet (6.3mm)

  • Passion, Creativity and Energy
    Energetically activated, specially made and designed by Sarah
    - Please leave a note at checkout of your actual wrist size (By default, I give a "just nice" fit of approx +1.9 to 2.1cm allowance. If you prefer looser (more than 2.5cm), kindly indicate. Extra 3 days processing time is required for all custom made bracelets
    - A combination of Fire Quartz, Carnelian, Fire Quartz, Moonstone and Flower Agate beads and 100% Genuine Rose Gold colour plated Muonionalusta Meteorite from Sweden
    - A combination made to encourage spontaneity, vitality and be passionate about what you are doing/what you wish to do!
    - For those who might be feeling dull and reluctant to work on your tasks, this piece supports you to loosen the tension and be more flexible and trigger the drive in you
    - With the combination of Meteorite, it helps to boost motivation and shield against negativity that tries to "dull or bore you out", to once again feel productive and work on something
    - All purchases including jewelleries are always cleansed, charged and activated

    You are purchasing a custom piece of Joyfulness Bracelet
  • All stones are natural, every piece may differ slightly. please expect some colour difference from piece shown.
    Materials: Natural crystal beads approx. 6.2-6.7mm diameter per bead, Rose Gold colour plated Muonionalusta Meteorite clover charm approx. 8.3mm across
    Country of origin: Brazil, Madagascar, India
    Chakra(s) Representation: Sacral and Solar Plexus
  • Avoid contact with water, especially Meteorite. Keep dry. You may cover meteorite and quick rinse of only the crystal beads part if required to water cleanse

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