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Pink Halite Cluster #13

  • Stone of Cleansing, Peace and Harmony
    - Also known as "Rock Salt", it is the sediment mineral which is composed when sea water evaporates
    - Typically white or colourless, occasionally there would be pink or red hues like this listing
    - Many use halite as salt lamps to cleanse their home environment of negative energy
    - Helpful during meditation to purifying and balancing the chakras
    - Help to clear toxic energy especiallty those who often experience mood swings, seasonal depression, erratic spikes of emotions or those who easily absorbs into others' energy
    - Suitable to be place around the room to promote peace and harmony
    - The mineral component is similar to our kitchen essential, therefore it is brittle and may flake easily

    You are purchasing the EXACT piece shown
  • Measurement: Approx. 6.5cm x 5.6cm x 4.3cm
    Weight: 68g
    Country of origin: California
    Chakra(s) Representation: Heart
  • Do not wash. No contact with water

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