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Rainbow Fluorite Dolphin Carving RFD15

  • Stone of Inspiration, Mental Clarity and Lightheartedness
    - Helps to tap into your creative mind and heightens intuition
    - Declutter thoughts and distractions in order to maintain a clear mind
    - Helps to break free from downward spiral of thoughts that is causing erratic mood swings, stress and anxiety
    - It helps to protect your electromagnetic field by clearing out negativity and keep your physical body in balance
    - Helps to uplift your mood and spirit
    - The energy is gentle and comforting enough even for the most delicate inner child. It encourages one to bring out the joyful and child-like side of you. This is also a great stone to have for aiding with studies and memory
    - The various colour(s) has additional/heightened benefits as follows - Green (Emotional Support, Growth) / Blue (Mental Clarity, Communication) / Purple (Wisdom, Spiritual Protection) / Pink (Love, Joy) / Yellow (Abundance, Confidence)
    - Message for you: Do not be afraid to be your authentic self. You do not have to be stuffocated by social norms and external expectations. You do not have to follow the herd if that is not what you truly want
    - Click video 1 (w/ flash) and video 2 (w/o flash) for preview of the actual item(s)
    - There may be some colour discrepancy as some colours could not be captured in still photos. Do watch "video 1 (w/ flash)" for more accurate colour representation.

    You are purchasing the EXACT piece shown
  • High quality Fluorite! As this is a rather brittle stone, there may be nick(s) on the piece.
    Measurement: Approx. 2.2cm across x 7.5cm length x 3.5cm height
    Weight: Approx. 41-53g for each piece
    Country of origin: China
    Chakra(s) Representation: Third Eye, Heart and Crown
  • Can be quick rinsed with water. Dry immediately. Do not wash with soap.