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Rutilated Quartz Lens RQL15


Intuited message (Card pull): "It is what it is (6)" 
This piece has a jump card "A burst of magic (48)". I am sensing that you are required to take a leap of faith and it seems like there is limited route(s) for you to take as well right now. Or that a decision has been made and you are worried about the outcome. Be open to miracles and things happen for the better. I am also getting the word "experience". It could be that certain event has to happen for the future good, or that you might be lacking experience in your trade so take it as a chance to strengthen yourself. Seeing a lion cub while sensing the piece. Take learning and growth as necessary process. This piece is to assist with being more flexible/free-spirited, while in harmony and joyous with people around you.

Video preview (code is last 2 digits as labelled) - Link
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Dimension(W x L x H): 3.6 x 4.9 x 3cm
Weight: 76g

**Note: As shown, this piece has semi-no polish on one side deliberately. You will be receiving the exact piece as pictured. Due to the nature of natural stones, there may be nicks and flaws. Please go through all photos, video and measurements provided before purchase.