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Turkish Blue Chalcedony Sphere BTC02

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Current Price $89.00
  • Stone of Patience, Gentleness and Communication
    - Bask in the the fun loving energy of dolphins and faeries exuding from these pieces!
    - Helps you to relax, tone down and wash away complex emotions and sensitive feelings such as fear, tension, or overwhelming emotions in order to regain composure and being in control
    - If you tend to get nervous with public speaking of even strike a conversation, this helps with improving stability in communication and expressing words smoothly
    - Unblock your mind from excessive thoughts, fogs and over-analysing issues/situations that could hinder you from moving forward
    - This stone is very demure, in a way it helps to encourage harmonious relationships with each other and inculcate patience and peace, much like between a mother and child relationship
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  • Measurement: Approx. 5.5cm in diameter
    Weight: Approx. 222g
    Country of origin: Turkey
    Chakra(s) Representation: Throat and Third Eye
  • Can be washed with water. Do not wash with soap.