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Yellow Fluorite Sphere YFS05

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  • Stone of Potential, Abundance and Power
    - Yellow Fluorite, also known as "Golden Fluorite", is great for attracting money luck, positive energy and opportunities
    - Illuminates the radiant energy of the Sun which helps to eliminate doubts, pessimism, insecurities and lack of self-confidence with self
    - As a stone that governs the Solar Plexus chakra, it encourage strength and vitality, as well as to release blocked energy that may have caused feelings of lethargy, restlessness and being unmotivated
    - There is this buzzing enthusiasm and vital energy which motivate one to be active and moving
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  • Please watch video and go through the photos - note that there may be minor nick/flaw(s) as fluorite is a very brittle stone
    Measurement: Approx. 6cm diameter
    Weight: Approx. 369g
    Country of origin: China
    Chakra(s) Representation: Solar Plexus
  • Can be rinsed with water. Dry immediately. Do not wash with soap.