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Free local shipping for orders above S$130. High vibrational energy only. All crystals are master cleansed, charged and activated before delivery.
Free local shipping for orders above S$130. High vibrational energy only. All crystals are master cleansed, charged and activated before delivery.
Blue Tara Quartz

Blue Tara Quartz

Best for: Those who are seeking direction in the dark, trying to get yourself back together and looking to strengthen support with communication of any sort.

Channeled message by Sarah: The natural energy of Blue Tara Quartz is a reminder that both light and shadow can co-exist. In order for you to discover or achieve more, accept all. Embrace all facets of you. The black and white is sometimes blurred, and unnecessarily any good or bad, right or wrong. It is your perspective against others, the different ways of working - Embrace diversity, release judgements, take no form. This greatly expand your capacity for more and absorbent to key wisdom and knowledge like a sponge.

This stone teaches and promotes loyalty. Loyal towards cause, goals and motivators to remember the values that we bring, what we are responsible and meant for in this lifetime. It boosts the power to be persistent and never lose hope. The energy resonates with the deep sea, and the vast sky, representing the element of mostly air(storm), and water. It helps a lot with seeing past the false matrix and illusions. A warrior-healer stone, in my opinion, and one that I hold close to for some time. This is a stone that is helpful for shadow work, knowing parts of yourself that is hidden or have since lost touch with. Look into and explore the dark side, how you shine in the dark - see the worth and value that you possess.

If you are looking for something that can assist you with realising your potential, your depth, heighten your intuitive senses, and boosts innate power, this is definitely one to consider. The Blue Tara Quartz wants you to see the truth and see that there are many opportunities, white spaces that has yet to be discovered or ventured into. Like the uncharted sea, you pave your route. It is time to believe fully in you. Reveal your real identity - who are you?

On a side note, there seem to be an angelic connection especially for the light blue coloured ones that radiates hopefulness and message of "the truth shall prevail, and come to light when all in its place."

Recommended crystal(s) pairing for meditative work: Rutilated Quartz, Black Tara Quartz, Phantom/Included Quartz, Grey Moonstone, Labradorite
*this is not an exhaustive list of crystals that you can work with

Best time to use it: When I was down, its presence together with my intention to pull myself together helps. You do not need to know when you will get better, you just have to know you WANT to get up. Use this when you desire to declutter the mind or keep your thoughts in place. You are not afraid to know your shadow self.

Advised against using when: You are feeling frustrated and not ready to pull yourself together. Take the time to regulate and sort things out before working with this. Use this stone when you feel ready to get your life together. You are afraid of yourself.

Placement Advice: Work desk to help with boosting mental concentration and unblock creative flow, bedside if you experience heightened mental activity or worries creep before or during sleep.

Fun fact(s)
P.s: Long story short, Blue Tara Quartz is not an Amphibole Quartz!
Blue Tara quartz is commonly thought to be included with Riebeckite and Olenite tourmaline, and sometimes it is referred to as a blue amphibole. Lab testing has revealed that there is no Riebeckite or Olenite tourmaline present. The fibrous tourmaline that is present is a member of the schorl-elbait series or the schorl-dravite series. Magnesium and lithium were found which specifically excludes Olenite, and Reibekite was not found at all in the samples tested. This is just one of those things that has been repeated long enough on the internet to be taken as truth and accepted as common knowledge without actual testing to validate it. The white fibers were an aluminum silicate with minor iron and magnesium, and due to the lack of calcium or other alkaline elements they were not amphibole, but more consistent with dumortierite. Another interesting variation on the typical description. (Credits: The Lemurian Rose)

Additional info
Chakra(s): Throat, Third Eye
Element(s): Water, Air
Mohs hardness scale: -
Water-safe: Yes
Common location(s) found: Brazil
Colour(s): Blue-greyish blue
Chinese translation: -


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