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Free local shipping for orders above S$130. High vibrational energy only. All crystals are master cleansed, charged and activated before delivery.
Free local shipping for orders above S$130. High vibrational energy only. All crystals are master cleansed, charged and activated before delivery.

FAQs - Crystals & Minerals

How do crystals work?

Crystals have been used since ancient times to help with divination work, decorations and healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Crystals are known to be capable of positively improve your energy fields, align your chakra as well as acting as a protective talisman, alleviating stress, attract love and so much more.

What situation(s) can crystals benefit me?

Many! It can be for love, prosperity, well-being, relationship harmony, work harmony, spiritual protection, fertility, beauty, attraction, meditation, or even combinations of the mentioned and the list goes on. We have came up with a list of the main uses when you shop for "Crystals by Benefits"

Am I purchasing for the exact piece(s) shown?

Yes, you are! All of our pictures are taken in-house personally. We do indicate in every product page of what you are purchasing for. Most of the photos for tumbled stones are our stock photos but you can be rest assured that the quality will never be compromised! Shop at ease.

How to use crystals?

Simple. There are a few ways we recommend - For tumbled or smaller stones, place it in your pocket or bag and carry them wherever you go. For larger crystals or crystals meant to place on an area or crystal grids, place them on a flat surface where you can easily see, hold or touch.

What is it you do to make the crystals work?

Sarah is an Intuitive Healer, who specialises in mixing and picking the right crystals for the right recipient, based on their individual energy. We have a unique method of cleansing to wash away residual energy and fill in with pure love, light and intent.

What are crystal bags?

Crystal bags are crystals which have been intuitively picked by Sarah to match individual's energy. They are suitable for people who are not aware what crystals are suitable for them or their purpose.

How do you sense what energy I need if you have not met me before?

Be it customised crystal bags or ready-mixed ones, Sarah picks the crystals as she is guided to do so and the right person for it would pick it up. Sarah works very closely with the energy realm of unicorns, angels, faeries, gods and goddesses. Energy attracts energy. Pick the one that attracts you.

How do I use the crystal bags?

Simple. Place it in your pocket, bag or carry and/or carry them wherever you go. For the more calming crystal bags, they are suitable for placing under the pillow or beside your bed.

Do I need to cleanse the crystals when I receive?

All crystals purchased from Shimmer & Light are thoroughly cleansed before delivery. We have our unique way of 5-7 steps cleansing and charging crystals to ensure that the energy is pure when it reaches you. We abide to the strict rule of "No Touching" even during viewing sessions. All cleansing and charging routines are handled solely by Sarah. That is how we assure you that the crystals are only filled with pure, positive energy and pure intentions.

How should I cleanse my crystals?

There are many ways to cleanse crystals. We recommend the most efficient way - Water Cleansing. Please ensure that the crystal(s) you have purchased is suitable to be in contact with water. We indicate on every crystal listing. For water cleansing, simply let the crystals run under mineral water or running water in your own home for approximately 30 sec during the DAY. You should visualise that the negative energy is leaving with the water while light energy is being replaced. Once you are done, towel dry. NO direct sunlight is required. If the crystals you purchased are not suitable for water cleansing, dust off any dirt with a clean brush and we recommend to place those crystals together with Selenite and Amethyst to cleanse and charge them automatically. Additionally, you may put them near a tealight candle every once a month to clear away energy.

How often should I cleanse my crystals?

We encourage you to cleanse your crystals every 1-3 months depending on your situation. If you have been undergoing tough challenges or situations, you are recommended to cleanse every 2 weeks - 1 month. Once your situation has lighten up, cleansing every 2-3 months would be sufficient.

What should I do after receiving the crystals?

We always make sure that the recipients of the crystals to follow these steps in order for the crystals to be consciously aware of who and what to assist and also for you to form a connection. Step 1 - Hold the crystals to your chest and speak your name. Step 2 - Speak all the POSITIVE intentions beginning with "Please". Final Step - Thank the crystals and you are ready to bring them on your journey. EXAMPLE: "Dear crystals, my name is Sarah. Please help me to regain self-confidence and find love from within. I invite happiness, abundance and prosperity into my life. Thank you very much and I really appreciate your help."

Continuing from the above question - What to do if the crystals are intended for infants, young children or elderly?

As the parent/child/spouse of the intended recipient, you may go through the steps on behalf of the recipients. EXAMPLE: "Dear crystals, I would like to ask for your assistance on behalf of Xx. Please..." And the process is the same.

Are crystals suitable for newborn and pets?

Yes, it is. Crystals are very gentle in nature. We have many clients who purchased crystals to help them with better sleep and to calm babies down.

Why are others not allowed to touch my crystals?

Crystals are pure energy and they absorb energy in order to renew your energy. Allowing others to have contact with your crystals, is allowing the person to infiltrate your energy bubble. Some people who are more sensitive to energy, experience agitation, irritation or giddiness after contacting with crystals that have been touched by others. Therefore, please refrain from allowing others to touch your crystals. (It is a different scenario if parent/child/spouse were to help with the intent activation because your intentions are truly pure.)

How fast do crystals take effect?

Based on our average clients’ feedback, it takes approximately 1 month. As it depends on individual and situation, it may take as short as few days to as long as few months. 100% of our clients who have feedback mentioned that they feel happy and comforted as soon as they received.

How to sense energy?

There are 5 ways that we have identified. Please hold the crystals in your non-dominant hand or both hands wrapped together.
1) Tingling sensation on the surface of your palm or in the veins
2) Hot/Cold Temperature
3) Sensing or Knowing - You do not feel any sensation or temperature changes, but you just know/feel happy or a surge of energy/emotion, or you may see or sense images/messages in your mind.
4) Upward tingling sensation specifically from the back of your spine or legs
5) Uncontrollable movement of the body, similar to a dowsing pendulum - This movement sensation can be within or visible physically.

How to cleanse crystal jewellery?

Take a clean cloth or napkin, wet it with water and softly wipe the surface of your crystals and visualise/verbalise that you are cleaning away the energy. If you really have to clean the metal too, wash it under running water for about 10 sec, dry it with clean paper towel and use a hair dryer on low heat to dry it completely.

May I buy crystals for others?

Absolutely! We highly advise that if the crystal is intended for a friend, let them have first touch. Unless you are a parent/child buying for your child/parent, it is fine for you to create intent on their behalf or touch it. Please indicate in the note section if it is for a friend/spouse, or e-mail to "" for special attention.

Is there anything else I would need to know?

Please refrain from bringing your crystals to hospitals or wake unless they are very protective stones (Click here for recommended crystals). Wash the crystals when you are home. If you are working in a hospital, chances are you will need to cleanse them more often. Do not wash your crystals in public toilets, as these places are very high in Yin (negative) energy. You may use mineral water or bring home to wash instead. Lastly, I would like to encourage you to trust my crystals. Even if you are a skeptic who just want to see if this really works or you are purchasing out of desperation, or what it may be, do trust and respect them and its ability. You may see some of our reviews here.

What does XQ mean?

It means "extra quality".