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Free local shipping for orders above S$130. All crystals are master cleansed right before delivery.
Free local shipping for orders above S$130. All crystals are master cleansed right before delivery.

FAQs - Handmade Jewellery

Where are your crystal jewellery made?

All of our crystal jewellery are lovingly handmade from scratch with solid 925 sterling silver. Most crystal jewellery are made locally, while some pendants are made in India upon our request.

Apart from being handmade, what is special about your crystal jewellery?

We pick every gemstones before they are sent to be made into jewellery. Similar to all other crystals we carry, every piece of jewellery is specially cleansed to ensure the energy is pure before anything goes out to you. We prioritise energy over anything, that is what natural crystals should be all about.

How do I cleanse my crystal jewellery?

Take a clean cloth or napkin, wet it with water and softly wipe the surface of your crystals and visualise/verbalise that you are cleaning away the energy. If you really have to clean the metal too, wash it under running water for about 10 sec, dry it with clean paper towel and use a hair dryer on low heat to dry it completely.

Do you accept customise requests?

Unfortunately, we do not accept customisation at the moment.

Your ring bands are too small/big, can you resize?

In the meantime, we do not accept or make fixed sizes. We purposely have the rings made to approx US size 5 1/4 to 5 1/2 (model size is approx 5.1-5.5mm in diameter when measured with a string). All ring bands are adjustable and +/- 2 sizes would still be comfortable around your finger(s). If you really need it in a much bigger/smaller size, please do not hesitate to e-mail us as we may have extra gemstones available.

I like the pendants! Can you re-set in other settings?

Unfortunately, we do not re-set the gemstones that have been set. The main reason is because there is a high risk the gemstone(s) can be damaged when we remove from its original setting.

Will there be any jewellery set in gold/rose gold?

We will look into the possibilities in the future but not in the meantime.