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FAQs - Mandala Tapestry

What is a Mandala Tapestry?

A piece of textile fabric formed by weaving coloured weft threads, used as a wall hanging or for soft furnishing.

What is the purpose of it?

Very popular as a wall-hanging decor, picnic mat, table cloth runner, sofa/bed throw, light blanket, or you may DIY into a curtain! The uses are endless!

How to hang a tapestry?

We recommend using velcro tapes and wooden pegs to hang it, in order to prevent any damage to the wall and ease of changing out the designs whenever you like! It is really easy!
Below is a quick tutorial from Youtube for your reference.

How thick is the material?

Made of 100% cotton, the thickness is very similar to our usual cotton bedsheet.

How to wash it?

There are 2 types - Premium (Silver/Gold) and Normal (Non-glitter) range. For the premium range, you are advised to use the dry clean method. However, we have tried to hand wash quickly in cold water, without soaking and the glitter are very much intact. For the normal range, please hand wash in cold water and no soaking. It is not advisable to machine wash with other cloths as colour runs especially during the first few washes.

Where is it from?

All of our tapestries are 100% original and made in India. We do not sell imitation goods from China.