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Contact us via e-mail (shimmernlight@gmail.com) or leave a direct message on Instagram @shimmernlight

Crystal Bag/Grid Customisation Service

Status: OPEN. Please contact through Instagram (@shimmernlight)
Waiting time: > 1 month

This is suitable for clients who are either unsure what to get or prefer a customised solution by Sarah for your desired benefits. Please note that customisations may take up to 21 working days and it is based entirely on Sarah's intuition and what crystal(s) are used will be unknown to us until the intuitive session is complete. There is no need for a deposit in place however, as we are providing this service out of goodwill, we seek your kind understanding and good trust that you will not back out of deal once it is ready as all intuitive sessions take time and energy. If you are interested, see below for next step(s).

1. Budget: A customised crystal bag is for personal. Usually it costs between S$45-68. We encourage an average budget of S$65 per bag, and fertility related a minimum S$60-70 per bag.
For customised crystal grid - it refers to a combination of tumbled stones plus a bigger centerpiece, beneficial for the room/space intended. This is recommended for those who have a bigger budget and are able display it permanently at home or the workplace. Usually it costs from S$100 and above. If you need samples of how they look like, do follow us on our instagram account @shimmernlight
2. Issue(s)/Situation(s)/Attention needed: What do you need help with? What is your current situation? What benefits would you like to have? Note: There are situations where it is impossible to combine everything in a pack for properties which does not correlate. E.g - Needs help with career opportunities/luck and healing from depression.
3. Selfie pic / Picture(s) of space and people involved: This is entirely P&C and solely for intuitive purposes only.
4. Acknowledgement: Once you have forwarded the information either through Instagram or via email, kindly allow waiting time of up to 21 working days once we have acknowledged and accept your customisation request. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you have questions regarding crystals, please see our FAQ page.

Oracle Card Reading & Consultation session

The Oracle Card & Consultation Session is carried out on a 1-to-1 basis, face to face only. Each session is 45-mins and will be carried out in a public venue which will be updated to you before confirmation.

1. What is oracle card reading? To make it easier to understand, Oracle cards are gentler, more uplifting, and positive than Tarot. It can contain illustrations, words, messages, chakras or colours that are uniquely interpreted by individual readers.
2. What do people ask / What can I ask? Commonly asked questions include - Career, Love, Family and Self-Healing/Reminders (for those who are unsure where to start). No questions relating to health or lawsuits will be entertained. We reserve all rights to turn down any questions that we deemed unfit for answering.
3. How many questions can I ask? Up to 4 short-medium length questions, subjected to individuals. Please note that any extension of time is chargeable at S$20 for every 15 mins.
4. How much is the charges? It is S$108 for a 45-mins session. Subjected to individual session, a $20 surcharge may be incurred for every 15 mins extension/overrun.
5. When can I arrange an appointment? It is best to schedule an appointment at least 3 days before to avoid any disappointment. Our last time slot ends at "5-5.45pm". Kindly note that Sarah reserves all rights to refuse any appointment(s) that feel inappropriate or uncomfortable.
6. Where will the session be conducted? The session will be conducted in a cafe/public setting. In the meantime, we are only able to do it at Jurong Point (nearest MRT: Boon Lay) or Gek Poh Shopping Center (SG 641762). Virtual session(s) may also be carried out upon request.
7. Anything else I should take note of? Please be as comfortable and open as you can before and during the consultation to reap the most out of the session. Only 1-to-1 consultation during the entire session will be entertained. If you really have to bring your child or anyone along, please check with us beforehand.