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Eudialyte Palm Stones *Rare*

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  • Stone of Heart Opening, Manifestation and Support
    - Helps you to break down unreal insecurities, uncertainties and emotional phobia to provide and allow a safe space for your personal healing, specifically referring to self-love and accepting all that you are
    - A stone which connects the root and heart chakra means it help with grounding one to reality and encouraging one to be more realistic and rational, especially for those who find it hard to release negativity or depressing emotions
    - Promotes clarity to blurred lines, thoughts and feelings, and pushing you forward to step out of your shadow that you have been too accustomed to
    - Helps to realign your root chakra so you can be more motivated and determined to achieve your goals and be firm with decisions
    - Protects one self against negativity and provide a cushion for heart string matters
    - This crystal is mildly radioactive due to the presence of some minerals. There should not be ill effect from the minimal amount of radiation however, it is still subjected to your comfortable level. As quoted online, "the amount of radiation you would get from holding it every day, all day for a year would be significantly less than that of medical personnel who works in radiology."

    You are purchasing ONE Eudialyte Palm Stone
  • Measurement: Approx. 4.5-5.5cm (Length) x 3.7-4cm (Breadth) for all pieces
    Weight: Approx. 63-83g (Size 1) / 92-102g (Size 2) / 105-119g (Size 3) / 77-82g (Special)
    Country of origin: Russia
    Chakra(s) Representation: Root and Heart
  • Can be washed with water. Do not wash with soap.