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Green Jasper XQ Tumbled Stones

  • Stone of Nurturer, Calmness and Renewal
    - A very calming stone that helps with easing anxiety, nervousness or panic attacks and protect against negative or harmful intentions of yourself and others
    - Said to be beneficial for good health, especially related to the stomach, lungs and chest
    - Helpful with balancing emotional health, ease traumas and pain
    - Emotionally, it encourages you to persevere through an ordeal or quitting an old habit
    - Reminds you to be self-compassionate, love yourself, forgive yourself and let go of the past
    - It is also said to increase fertility, while protecting mother and child in pregnancy and childbirth
    - As with all Jasper, they are supreme nurturer and comforter

    You are purchasing ONE piece of Green Jasper Tumbled Stone
  • 'XQ' stands for Extra Quality
    Due to the nature of stone, please expect natural pockets/minor flaws on these pieces. Some pieces may have traces of red (iron oxide)
    Small (Wt 11-14g): Approx. 2.5-2.8cm in length
    Medium (Wt 15-19g): Approx. 2.6-2.9cm in length
    Large (Wt 20-24g): Approx. 2.7-3cm in length
    X-Large (Wt 25-31g): Approx. 2.9-3.2cm in length
    Country of origin: Madagascar
    Chakra(s) Representation: Heart
  • Can be washed with water. Do not wash with soap.

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