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Iolite Polished Shiva

  • Stone of Intuition, Wisdom and Awakening
    - Provides you the wisdom and teaches you to detach what is unnecessary for your mind, body and soul
    - Opens your mind for possibilities and heightens intuition for creative ideas
    - Use during meditation or setting affirmations to inspire imagination and positive thinking to realise them into reality
    - Detach what is unnecessary for your mind, body and soul and uplift one's spirit
    Helps with alleviating migraine and headaches
    - 'Shiva' shape symbolises creation, renewal, transformation and also represents the union of man and woman which therefore is said to aid with fertility

    You are purchasing ONE piece of Iolite Polished Shiva
  • Measurements
    Small - Approx. 4.1-5cm in length
    Medium - Approx. 4.5-4.8cm in length
    Large - Approx. 5-5.5cm in length
    Country of origin: India
    Chakra(s) Representation: Crown and Third Eye
  • Can be washed with water. Do not wash with soap.

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