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Kambaba Jasper Tumbled Stones

  • Stone of Courage, Motivation and Security
    - A very energising stone that embodies the ferocious strength necessary to overcome perceived or unconscious mental/emotional obstacles and assist one to get through tough emotional experiences you may have/had to deal
    - Helps to push out mental blocks such as doubts or fear and emotional blocks such as guilt, jealousy or grief, that hinder your growth
    - Discern and distant ourselves from distractions in order to take charge and be in control of your momentum
    - If you find it difficult to focus during meditation, try holding a Kambaba Jasper on your non-dominant or either hand that is most receptive to energy sensation
    - Jasper as a whole is a Nurturer, putting both elements of Strength and Nurturing into one, creates a balance of the best of both worlds

    You are purchasing ONE piece of Kambaba Jasper Tumbled Stone
  • Due to the nature of stone, please expect natural pockets/minor flaws on these pieces
    Small (Wt 11-13g): Approx. 2.3-2.7cm in length
    Medium (Wt 14-17g): Approx. 2.5-3.1cm in length
    Large (Wt 18-21g): Approx. 2.9-3.1cm in length
    Country of origin: Africa
    Chakra(s) Representation: Heart and Root
  • Can be washed with water. Do not wash with soap.