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Free local shipping for orders above S$130. All crystals are master cleansed right before delivery.
Free local shipping for orders above S$130. All crystals are master cleansed right before delivery.

Labradorite Small Spheres (#1-16)

  • Stone of Illumination, Renewal and Strength
    - Labradorite is a stone that urges one to move out of comfort zones for the benefit of your highest good, to grow and relinquish your true self
    - Protective and grounding, it comforts the soul and empowers you to strive to be better, pushes you to rediscover your passion, illuminate and manifest them into reality
    - If you have fear of your future or unknown situation, Labradorite embraces you to accept and face all uncertainties with strength and positivity
    - Labradorite is also a great stone to work with during meditation as it helps to connect to higher consciousness to release mental blocks/constraints and boost creative flow
    - In my vision, I saw a baby tortoise breaking out of its shell, butterfly leaving its cocoon. Getting out of comfort zones means growth, renewal, change especially when you already feel stagnant or stuck. Questions that you may ask yourself - Are you stuck by choice? Are you reluctant to step out/up because of self-limiting factors? Does taking more rest or being more assertive makes you feel guilty? Do you plan far into the future because this feels "safe"?
    - A reminder that your own support, positive outlook and self-assurance shapes and evolve your growth and experiences.
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  • Note: There may be flaw(s) on the pieces. Please watch video
    #1 Approx.3.4cm diameter / 57g
    #2 Approx.3.6cm diameter / 67g
    #3 Approx.3.7cm diameter / 70g
    #4 Approx.3.3cm diameter / 47g
    #5 Approx.3.6cm diameter / 66g
    #6 Approx.3.7cm diameter / 69g
    #7 Approx.3.5cm diameter / 60g
    #8 Approx.3.8cm diameter / 79g
    #9 Approx.3.3cm diameter / 50g
    #10 Approx.3.6cm diameter / 71g
    #11 Approx.3.4cm diameter / 56g
    #12 Approx.3.6cm diameter / 66g
    #13 Approx.3.4cm diameter / 54g
    #14 Approx.3.6cm diameter / 71g
    #15 Approx.3.5cm diameter / 60g
    #16 Approx.3.7cm diameter / 69g
    Country of origin: Madagascar
    Chakra(s) Representation: Third Eye
  • Can be rinsed with water. Do not wash with soap.