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Larvikite Polished Spheres

  • Stone of Intuition, Grounding and Protection
    - It is helpful for repelling and dispelling negativity away from the body (e.g. clear doubts, insecurities and worries)
    - It encourages openness to potential paths, opportunities and optimism, also remind one that "when one door closes, another door opens"
    - A grounding, stimulative and uplifting crystal which is useful for meditation purposes such as enhancing inner visions and psychic abilities, while anchoring you to Earth
    - For meditative use, we recommend holding it to your chest while lying flat on your back or sit upright holding crystals in both hands and place on top of your legs (fold in)
    - Physically, Larvikite is said to help with detoxification, calm nerves, lower blood pressure, harmonise metabolism and regain youthfulness

    You are purchasing ONE piece of Larvikite Polished Sphere
  • Every piece has some labradorescence (blue-silverish sheen)
    Smaller: Approx. 2.9-3.1cm in diameter (36-44g)
    Larger: Approx. 3.2-3.4cm in diameter (47-55g)

    Country of origin: India
    Chakra(s) Representation: Root and Third Eye
  • Can be washed with water. Do not wash with soap.