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Free local shipping for orders above S$130. All crystals are master cleansed right before delivery.
Free local shipping for orders above S$130. All crystals are master cleansed right before delivery.

Lavender Rose Quartz Bracelet

  • Stone of Love, Comfort and Attraction
    - A mandatory starter crystal for experts or beginners alike
    - Release emotions pain and comfort your heart in order to move on
    - Encourages you to believe in love again
    - Encourages self-love which is a vital part in being confident and attractive
    - Not only helpful to attract love in a romantic setting, it also attract good working relationship in office, home or anywhere you require harmonious and attraction energy to flow
    - The difference between typical rose quartz and star rose quartz is due to the difference in quality and when light is shone, you will see star or star point sheen on it, otherwise called "Asterism".
    - These bracelets are great for attracting harmonious energy and helpful people to you
    - Please state the actual wrist size in the comment box before carting out. If there are multiple sizing required for different item(s), do specify clearly. Will be using the "grey bead bracelet board" to make your piece to ensure the fit is as perfect as possible.
    - As I will be restringing ALL these bracelets, I may not be able to process orders containing bracelets within my usual timeline of 7 days. Hence, there may be additional(+) delay of up to 14 days
    - If you are unsure of your wrist size, Step 1 - take a string to measure your circumference. Step 2 - Measure the length of the string with a ruler. That's the size. Please ONLY provide your actual wrist size.

    You are purchasing ONE piece of Lavender Rose Quartz Bracelet
  • The beads have asterism! Subjected to visibility/angle you view from. While I do QC all the pieces, note that there may be slight natural nick on some beads. As all crystals are unique, there may be slight variations in tonality and colour for each piece.
    Measurement: See images for bead size info // Dimension given is based on approximate circumference of each beads
    Weight: N.A
    Country of origin: Madagascar
    Chakra(s) Representation: Heart
  • Can be rinsed with water. Use clean paper napkin to dry. Do not wash with soap.