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Orange Orchid Calcite Palm Stones

  • Stone of Passion, Stability and Power
    - Orchid Calcite is a variety of Orange Calcite
    - When holding this stone, I felt a surge of energy eager to release tension around the Sacral and Root chakra, particularly on issues regarding frustrations on productivity or energy level. It is determined to release what you hold so tight or to control but no longer serves or cannot be helped
    - There is also this vibrant energy exchange that makes me feel circulation is going smoothly and information is being passed through my system. This stone will also be beneficial for those who tends to amplify an emotion/situation and can't seem to process anything when there is something that tipped your balance by passing this emotional information to your mind and attempt to rationalise and resolve it
    - Helps to boost passion, warmth and strengthen the womb area

    You are purchasing the EXACT piece shown
  • There may be minor nicks due to nature of stone
    Measurement: Approx. 3.8-4.3cm (across) x 5-5.5cm (length) for all pieces
    Weight: Approx. Please refer to image(s) for info
    Country of origin: Mexico
    Chakra(s) Representation: Sacral and Root
  • Can be washed with water. Do not wash with soap.

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