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Pakimer Diamond Quartz Bottles

  • Stone of Illumination, Clarity and Energy Amplifier
    - Manifest pure light and are powerful energy amplifiers of highly vibrational energy
    - Helps to increase focus, clarity, concentration and reduce confusion which allows you to take control and reorganise thoughts
    - Helps with self-discovery and healing from fear, stress or negative emotions
    - Closely connected to the Angelic realm as it emits only pure light and love to Self and outer
    - The double termination formation represents the ability to not only transmit their own energies, but to receive, amplify and direct the energy intently
    - Note that Pakimer Diamonds are not real diamonds, but quartz found in Pakistan
    - Consider placing them on your work table to increase concentration, or beside the bed if you have issues with sleep due to constant nightmares
    - These bottles also works with well wishes for others and positive affirmations that are pure in intentions

    You are purchasing a miniature bottle of Pakimer Diamond Quartz
  • 1) Choose from mini size (net weight 9g) or larger size (net weight 8g) // 2) Choose from silver screw cap bottle or wooden cork bottle **Note that there may be tiny black carbon inclusion in some quartz pieces
    Measurement of entire bottle: Approx. 3.2cm in height
    Country of origin: Pakistan
    Chakra(s) Representation: All
  • Do not need to wash

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