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Rutilated Quartz Lens RQL09


Intuited message (Card pull): "Smoke and Mirrors (42)"
The mere comments of others are not real until you acknowledge it to be true. Some feedback are baseless and toxic which affects your balance. Beware of taking such words as your own. Revoke these permissions that is attacking your system. It is time to work on your shadow self and address why others' opinions affect you so strongly even though you may not agree. Are you magnifying your flaws/shortcomings with the eyes of others? This piece is to assist with eliminate keyhole view towards self and situations.

Video preview (code is last 2 digits as labelled) - Link
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Dimension(W x L x H): 3.2 x 4.8 x 2cm
Weight: 44g

**Note: As shown, this piece has semi-no polish on one side deliberately. You will be receiving the exact piece as pictured. Due to the nature of natural stones, there may be nicks and flaws. Please go through all photos, video and measurements provided before purchase.