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Rutilated Quartz Lens RQL17


Intuited message (Card pull): "Prince of Spring (Dolphin)"
You are contemplating and may have been doing so for quite some time. There is no time to delay. Situation(s) calling for a sense of urgency. Act right away before the door closes. I am sensing that you seek more independence. I am also sensing that the right decisions are those made firmly without waver or hesitation. Make decisions of your own. Let your inner voice guide you. I know there is an answer you hear. Come out of your shell and stand strong in your belief. This piece is here to eliminate distractions and be assertive.

Video preview (code is last 2 digits as labelled) - Link
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Dimension(W x L x H): 3.4 x 5.4 x 2.9cm
Weight: 83g

**Note: As shown, this piece has semi-no polish on one side deliberately. You will be receiving the exact piece as pictured. Due to the nature of natural stones, there may be nicks and flaws. Please go through all photos, video and measurements provided before purchase.