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Rutilated Quartz Lens RQL27


Intuited message (Card pull): "Reframe" & "Right Action"
2 advises for you - Change the way you think and change the way you react and act. You are starting to be more conscious of your actions or you will soon come to realise that something has to be changed/fixed for the better. You have to let go of insisting that certain things should be this way and when it doesn't, you feel that things are against you. Accept that at times, you can be wrong. Put ego away. This piece exudes a "never say die" attitude and ever learning, just like a cockroach.

Video preview (code is last 2 digits as labelled) - Link
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Dimension(W x L x H): 2.8 x 3.6 x 2.3cm
Weight: 33g

**Note: As shown, this piece has semi-no polish on one side deliberately. You will be receiving the exact piece as pictured. Due to the nature of natural stones, there may be nicks and flaws. Please go through all photos, video and measurements provided before purchase.