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Sacred Space Flower Mist 100ml

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  • For Peace and Harmony
    - For purifying the energy and calming the person and/or atmosphere
    - Sarah personally recommends to use this before any mist/oral spray
    - Use this to clear away negative and erratic energy around you, personal space or work area
    - Smell like a flower garden (The scent is not meant to stay long)

    You are purchasing ONE unit of Sacred Space Flower Mist 100ml
  • Product of U.K
    Packaged in a frosted glass bottle as shown
    Concocted with natural and organic flower essences, including pure essential oils
    Ingredient list as shown on the product image
  • Spritz around your aura/space as frequently as desire
    Safe for pets, children and pregnant women
    There are no fixed routine/rules to using flower essences, but we have created an instruction slip as a starter guide for all orders of flower mist and oral sprays