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Transformation Oral Spray 25ml

  • Change and Uplift Yourself
    - Inculcate patience and determination in order to be a better you
    - Adopt good health habits, life practices and decisions in order to move in the direction of your preferred future
    - Break away from unhealthy patterns, addictions, dependencies that you cannot seem to detach from
    - For those who want to break free from your old self, this would be a good addition for you
    - Use this to rid your self-defeating mentality and behaviour
    - All oral sprays does not have any floral taste, only mild alcohol brandy taste due to organic brandy preservative used

    You are purchasing ONE unit of Transformation Oral Spray 25ml
  • Product of U.K
    Packaged in a PET bottle as shown
    Concocted with natural and organic flower essences
    Infusion of flowers: Apple, Grass of Parnassus, Globethistle, Iona Pennywort, Sea Pink Flower, Stonecrop and Watercress
  • Spritz directly into mouth or drinks as frequently as desire
    Contains alcohol
    There are no fixed routine/rules to using flower essences, but we have created an instruction slip as a starter guide for all orders of flower mist and oral sprays

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