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White Scolecite Polished Shiva

  • Stone of Inner Peace, Renewal and Transformation
    - Acts as a "cleanser" to clear and release the unnecessary in the mind, body, soul and spirit to transform and uplift to a higher ground
    - Promotes clarity and wisdom and acts as a reminder to be clear in your direction
    - Helps to promote restful sleep and calming mood fluctuations
    - 'Shiva' shape symbolises creation, renewal, transformation and also represents the union of man and woman which therefore is said to aid with fertility
    - Highly recommended for anyone in all walks of life as it helps to shed light and face reality or whatever you had been avoiding in a calm disposure

    You are purchasing ONE piece of Scolecite Polished Shiva
  • Note that Scolecite is not easy to polish thoroughly and may have some natural flaw/minor nicks
    Measurement: Approx 3.5-5.2cm in length for all sizes
    Weight: 17-24g(Smaller) and 25-31g(Larger) per piece
    Country of origin: India
    Chakra(s) Representation: Heart, Third Eye and Crown
  • Quick rinse with water and dry immediately. Never leave it wet. Do not wash with soap.