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Yellow Calcite Tumbled Stones

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  • Stone of Positivity, Abundance and Happiness
    - A protective and grounding stone that invite positivity, clarity and joy into your inner self
    - Increase prosperity luck and attract abundance into your life
    - Calcite reveals the truth so you can face up to the reality and take appropriate actions to resolve the problem
    - Helps to increase energy level and spontaneity
    - If you observed that your current self get restless or lethargic easily, it is no wonder you are attracted to this stone, as it uplifts energy

    You are purchasing ONE piece of Yellow Calcite Tumbled Stone
  • They are brittle and hard to polish, hence please expect some nicks on pieces.
    Small: Approx. 2.2-2.7cm in length (10-14g)
    Medium: Approx. 2-2.7cm in length (15-20g)
    Large: Approx. 2.3-2.9cm in length (21-26g)

    Country of origin: U.S
    Chakra(s) Representation: Solar Plexus
  • Can be rinsed quickly with water. Do not wash with soap. Avoid exposure to prolong sunlight