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Free local shipping for orders above S$130. High vibrational energy only. All crystals are master cleansed, charged and activated before delivery.
Free local shipping for orders above S$130. High vibrational energy only. All crystals are master cleansed, charged and activated before delivery.
Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate

Best for: Those who have trouble letting go of a false facade due to ego or fear which has affected the ability to express one’s truest thoughts and authentic self.

Reminiscent of the beautiful blue sky on a peaceful summer day, Blue Lace Agate’s calm and chill vibes teleport you to a relaxing beach holiday. Unblock your mind as your worries and anxieties are cast aside.

If at times you feel like you need to take a breather from life, slow down and enjoy the calming breeze with Blue Lace Agate. Its soothing nature helps to release erratic, unhelpful emotions for you to get back on track with a clear state of mind and steer yourself in the right direction towards your goals.

Can’t seem to find the lyrics to your melody? Blue Lace Agate can inspire you to fill in the blanks. Cheers to expressing yourself clearly and communicating with ease.

I find that Blue Lace Agate is a great starter stone for troubled kids and grownups alike with issues relating to communication or nervousness. For those who express themselves in ways that do not reflect your truest intentions due to ego issues or overthinking, Blue Lace Agate gives off this surge of wave-like energy that flows through the system to create a comfort bubble space for pent up emotions and stuck energy before releasing out. Just holding the stone in your hand (the non-dominant hand is typically more receptive to energy but it can differ) helps to calm your entire body. If you find that you tend to absorb energy from others easily or feel as though you are at the brink of explosion, this stone creates an outlet for release. This means it may trigger an emotional release, feeling of hunger, body aches or a sudden change in perspective. Such triggers are normal. After the release, feelings of tranquility follow, allowing you to breathe/function normally again.

Recommended crystal(s) pairing for meditative work: Aquamarine, Lavender Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Serpentine, Selenite, Hematite, Inclusion Quartz
*this is not an exhaustive list of crystals that you can work with

Best time to use it: Anytime you need some tension relief

Advised against using when: You are trying to speed things up in terms of motivation in achieving wealth and abundance as the functions may "cancel" each other other

Placement advice: Somewhere that is easily visible and/or accessible so that you can see and/or hold it immediately to remind you that you are safe and supported. Can also be placed by/on the bed.

Fun fact(s)
1) Blue Lace Agate is sometimes referred to as the “Stone of the Diplomat” due to its properties of improving self-expression. (Credits: Fire Mountain Gems)

2) The Sumerians wore Agate and other stones around their necks and wrists to counter Goddess Lamashtu’s curses targeted at harming new-born children. (Credits: Crystals and Jewelry)

Additional info
Chakra(s): Throat
Element(s): Air, Water
Mohs hardness scale: 6.5 - 7
Water-safe: Yes
Common location(s) found: Malawi, Namibia, basically by default from Africa, though small deposits were found in few countries
Colour(s): Blue with white, some have druzy pockets present
Chinese translation: 蓝纹玛瑙


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