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What "intuitively picked" really means

What "intuitively picked" really means

Before we dive into the topic, you should get to know the person behind all your purchases. Sarah is an intuitive healer, energy and oracle card reader who is also the main person managing Shimmer & Light. Her “clair-senses” awakened when she was young and she has been doing this officially since Year 2016.

From the beginning of Shimmer & Light, we have been taking pride in fervently carrying out this process of “intuitive picking”. These “picks” are not taken lightly.

“The initial stage before picking the crystals is vital. I would evaluate your order based on the energetic message(s) I receive. When I am ready to move on to the next step, I look out for energetic threads/glow/sparks resonating from the crystals which allow me to connect with them. At times there will be a few distinct pieces that exhibit this glow. What I do next is to filter out the pieces from their larger pile, and go through them one by one to determine which piece resonated most before proceeding to package the right piece. Sometimes, picking a pack of 5 tumbled stones can take 30 minutes. I aim to pick not just the best but also the right ones to assist the ultimate recipient(s).”  - Sarah

If you are interesting in a full on intuitive customisation by Sarah, more information can be found on our secondary instagram account @consult.shimmernlight

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