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Free local shipping for orders above S$130. High vibrational energy only. All crystals are master cleansed, charged and activated before delivery.
Free local shipping for orders above S$130. High vibrational energy only. All crystals are master cleansed, charged and activated before delivery.
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Best for: Anyone who constantly find their minds wandering off even when they are aware that they should be focusing on specific tasks and thoughts.

Do you feel blue ‘cause you don’t have a clue what you’re trying to do? Well, here’s the remedy for you! If you or your loved one(s) are having difficulties concentrating on productive work, try Lapis Lazuli. It boosts mental focus, resembling a camera for your mind; zooming in on your target and not being distracted by anything outside your intended periphery.

Open your inner eye to connect with the Universe. Lapis’ alluring azure hues can help you to access and trust your inner knowing so that you receive divine signals you need. Once you are self-assured and in tune with your inner self, you can heighten your intuition and seek greater wisdom. This is a stone that encourages you to be your true blue self. Its shades of blue help to boost one’s self-expression, making you as charismatic as Cleopatra.

Lapis Lazuli stimulates the mind towards the idea of openness. I am getting the vision of drilling a passage/tunnel through the hard walls of dark spaces to create air passage way and allow movements around. Because of its energy and the fact that it represents the third eye chakra, this makes it a great stone for meditation, creative downloads and opening up the channel to divine connection. Working with a sphere or pyramid form would be best (though other shapes would be doable too) for focusing and sustaining the connection to your higher consciousness and for mental energy to be clear and smooth. Create a crystal grid (optional) consciously on New/Full Moon with Quartz and Citrines (or other white and yellow crystals). I am seeing that this helps to boost self-esteem and confidence regarding how you see yourself and situations. It also helps to expand the openness of your mind in terms of being accepting of others' feedback and suggestions without taking it personally. You may find that when you remove yourself from this narrow-mindedness or other blocks that are hindering your learning experience, your instinct heightens and you get more opportunities to perform and act on your creative ideas. This stone is also known to ease migraines and headaches. It releases mental clutter and detoxifies it from your system.

Recommended crystal(s) pairing for meditative work: Citrine, Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Sunstone, Larvikite
*this is not an exhaustive list of crystals that you can work with

Best time to use it: When you are determined to have full concentration on certain task(s)

Advised against using when: Out of frustration or has no intention to cooperate with self effort. Use it only after you have established calmness within yourself and are able to focus objectively. Ensure that your intentions are positive and clear before putting them out to manifest your affirmations. Results usually return in multiple folds when you are 100% aligned.

Placement Advice: On your work desk or carry a tumbled stone for grounding your mind

Fun fact(s)
1) Lapis Lazuli has been used by humans for more than 6,500 years. It was treasured by ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome. Badakhshan, a province in present-day Afghanistan, is a barren mountainous land that is also a source of lapis. The land was mined for lapis as far back as 700 BC. There, the lapis mines that were producing then are still producing today. They are the world’s oldest known commercial gemstone sources. (Credits: GIA)

2) Ancient Egyptians loved lapis. It was Cleopatra’s favorite eye shadow color. The golden sarcophagus (stone coffin) of King Tutankhamen was filled with Lapis. In the Egyptian deserts, this deep cobalt blue color was a contrast to their desert hues. They saw its gold flecks as stars in the night-time sky. They believed that by meditating on these colors they felt supernatural powers which would transform their lives. The clothing of priests and royalty were dyed with Lapis to signify their god-like status. (Credits: MYKU)

Additional info
Chakra(s): Third Eye, Throat
Element(s): Air
Mohs hardness scale: 5-6
Water-safe: You can clean with water but do not soak
Common location(s) found: Afghanistan
Colour(s): Royal to dark indigo blue with possible presence of pyrite (gold) and white calcite veins
Chinese translation: 青金石

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