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Free local shipping for orders above S$130. High vibrational energy only. All crystals are master cleansed, charged and activated before delivery.
Free local shipping for orders above S$130. High vibrational energy only. All crystals are master cleansed, charged and activated before delivery.
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Best for: Anyone who is feeling emotionally lost/vulnerable due to open heart wounds and wants healing to commence ASAP. This is also for boosting harmonious relationships (romantic or platonic) with others. 

You’re in luck if you’re in the mood for love! Rose Quartz and romance go together like needle and thread. You don’t need a magic carpet ride to experience a whole new world. Rose Quartz is shining, shimmering and splendid. Allow its loving energy to guide your heart to finding the one, just like Aladdin and Jasmine.

As a stone of universal love, Rose Quartz is great for platonic relationships too. Be it socialising with friends, colleagues or bosses, it can act as a bridge of harmony to make interactions merry and pleasant. Strictly kindness only. Rose Quartz may be Pink, but you don’t need a reason to know that you deserve love and are loved. Its gentle loving vibe serves as a guiding light for those who are walking out of their darkness. It encourages you to reconcile with your shadow self that is dealing with emotional pain and trauma.

This crystal represents the heart chakra, which is the key energy center connecting the lower chakras to the upper chakras, and vice versa. An imbalance or inadequacy in this energy center can create disharmony in your chakra alignment and affect several aspects, such as feeling like you do not deserve to be loved, overly suspicious of others’ intentions even though they may approach with no hidden agenda. You may also create a protective barrier around you knowingly or unknowingly, which may lead to others seeing you as being hard to approach, or you might find it difficult to step into a new relationship. Too much of something is not favourable either. It can create traits such as clinginess, jealousy and over-sacrificing which often happen in unhealthy relationships.

Meditate with Rose quartz to assist with self-love, self-empowerment, healing new emotional wounds and finding balance and acceptance within yourself and with others. Healing can be a very transformative ritual that liberates you from inside out. It is a very vulnerable yet powerful act as you have to surrender to all-being, everything and yet none.

I will be sharing a personal ritual with you. Before you start, take a warm bath to relax yourself. Ensure your surroundings have been cleansed and you are feeling calm and "ready". Use Sacred Space + Energy mists or smoke smudge (not recommended during night time). Good to light a candle and prepare a notebook to journal after the session. Hold the crystal(s) in your hands — You may choose to put your hands to your chest, on your lap or on the table. Take a few deep breaths to stabilise the breathing. When this is established, say these words that are targeted to be addressed to your inner self:

“I believe in you. I am always and have always been here for you, fully supportive of you. Our potential is endless and beyond what can be envisioned. I see your effort, growth, strength and willpower. From today on, I choose to do what’s best for ourselves, that is of my free will.”

Recommended crystal(s) pairing for meditative work: Nephrite Jade, Ruby, Serpentine, Petrified Wood, Lemurian Quartz, Flower Agate, Green Phantom Quartz, Moonstone, Lepidolite, Chrysocolla, Ocean Jasper
*this is not an exhaustive list of crystals that you can work with

Best time to use it: Before sunset. It is also necessary to feel safe and in control of yourself within the environment.

Advised against using when: Out of desperation. Use it only after you have established calmness within yourself and are able to focus objectively. Ensure that your intentions are positive and clear before putting them out to manifest your affirmations. Results usually return in multiple folds when you are 100% aligned.

Placement advice: A piece in your pocket encourages emotional security and calmness. A spheric form or palm stone on your work desk helps to dissipate worries whenever you need the extra support and directs the loving energy flow to you and your surroundings. Preferably a heart or spheric form in the bedroom helps to promote loving and harmonious relationships with your spouse and loved ones within the space.

Fun fact(s)
1) In Greek mythology, it was believed that when Aphrodite cut herself on a briar bush while trying to save a dying Adonis, their blood which combined had stained white quartz, thus rose quartz was formed. (Credits: Monica Vinader)

2) In Roman mythology, it was believed that Cupid had brought rose quartz from the heavens into the mortal realm to spread love and romance. (Credits: Monica Vinader)

3) Ancient Egyptians used Rose Quartz for skincare as they believed it had anti-aging properties. (Credits: GIA)

Additional info
Chakra(s): Heart
Element(s): Water
Mohs hardness scale: 7
Water-safe: Yes
Common location(s) found: Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique
Colour(s): Usually pink, may also appear in hues of blue and lilac
Chinese translation: 粉水晶


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